Hey lovelies!

Most coffee addicts must have read about how coffee can dehydrate your skin, make your hormones go wild and completely ruin your skin. Derma doctors advising you to stop drinking coffee (that’s sad 🙁 ).

Hey, don’t give it up just yet! Leiania House of Beauty has solved this chaos for you!

Because as we always promise – We take care of your beauty, skin health, from the inside to a beautiful glowing complexion that shines and let people notice!

“Royal CoffTea”

Aromatic Arabica Coffee + Organic Beauty Herb Infusion

A cup of barista coffee for that royalty looking complexion!

Yes, lovelies! Our Royal CoffTea can make your skin glow!
Drink Royal CoffTea for that “royalty looking complexion”! That’s a promise!
What makes our Royal CoffTea better than any coffee and 3 in 1’s?


Our barista coffee is a highly aromatic Arabica coffee from Papua New Guinea, grown over 5000ft, with a very delicate combination of acidity, light body and a semi-sweet finish. Then, we infuse with high antioxidant compounds from organic Rosehip Seed, Liquorice Root, Sencha Green Tea and Schizandra Berry to create a truly revolutionary beverage for beauty, wellness, skin whitening and skin rejuvenation.
This infusion of organic herbs is truly rich in Vit C, with high level of powerful antioxidants called polyphenols from green tea which is one of the best weapon against free radicals, with an energizing and restorative elixir from schizandra berry to support and fortify a number of organ systems, including liver cleansing properties and a youth preserving “beauty tonic”, where schizandra berry is best known for.
We are all aware of the goodness and benefits we can get from Rosehip, which is very high in antioxidant and Vit C just like Green Tea, Liquorice, this sweet root can boost radiance on our skin as it can help regulate oil formation in our body (thanks to ‘licochalcone’ found in licorice), which maintains good skin health inside out. But, what about “schizandra berry”?
Let me tell you more about “schizandra berry”…


Below are some of the benefits from taking this wonderful herb together with your coffee-

• Purifies, provides nutrient and cleanse blood – The blood acts as the river within our bodies, carrying nutrients, cleansing toxins, and functioning as an information highway. If our rivers are clean, we experience more clarity, stamina, and life force than ever before.
• Promotes beautiful skin, eyes, and hair
• Increases mental focus and clarity
• Enhances moisture to the external female reproductive parts, thereby avoiding dryness and prevents infection
• Promotes skin hydration and adaptability to environmental stress being an adaptogen herb
• Promotes healthy digestion that eases organ functions in the liver and other vital organs in the body
• Promotes hormonal balance and homeostasis that helps regulate the body’s response to physical and mental stress
• As a NATURAL BEAUTY TONIC, it promotes skin resistance from wind, sun exposure, allergic reactions, dermatitis, environmental stress and toxin accumulations

Studies have shown that… real, fresh, arabica coffee can actually make you and your skin beautiful!
So, there you go! Where else can you find such beauty & skin health benefits from drinking coffee?
To all coffee lovers, this is our gift for you – “Royal CoffTea” for that Royalty looking complexion!